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Dog Lover Coffee Koozies

Dog Lovers need ANY reason to show off their fur baby! Give them (or you!) the perfect gift! These are just examples of the generic dog sleeves, if you have a custom request with a photo you’d like me to try and match please shoot me a message below or on Facebook fb.me/9mmhook and I will try and answer as soon as possible! Patterns by HookedByAngel on Etsy. 
Available breeds include:

Airedale Great Dane
Basset Hound Greyhound
Beagle Havanese
Bernese Husky
Bichon adult Jack Russel
Bichon puppy King Charles Cavalier
Bill Terrier Labradoodle
Border Collie Labrador
Border Terrier Maltese
Boston Terrier Mini Pin
Boxer Adult Mini Schnauzer
Boxer Puppy Morkie
Brussels Griffon Papillon
Bulldog Adult Pekingese
Bulldog puppy Pitbull
Cairn Terrier Pitbull puppy
Chihuahua Pomeranian
Chihuahua long hair Poodle
Chihuahua teacup Poodle Toy
Chinese Crested Portuguese Water Dog
Cockapoo Pug
Cocker Spaniel Puppy generic
Corgi adult Rottweiler
Corgi puppy Schnoodle
Dachshund Scottie
Dachshund long hair Shih Tzu
Dalmation Springer Spaniel
Doberman Weimaraner
Eskimo Dog Westin
French Bulldog Whippet
German Shepard Yorkie
Golden doodle Yorkie teacup
Golden retriever Yorkie wire hair