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Hornets Nest

Regular price $18.00

This crochet wasp nest is meant to be used as a chemical free wasp deterrent and hornet deterrent. It's said that hornet and wasps are territorial creatures and will leave/not build a nest if they see one within a 200 foot radius. A fake hornets nest is a great non toxic alternative to harsh chemicals that hurt the environment, your lawn, and your pets/kids. The fake wasp nest is a humane form of pest control since it's used to keep them away without killing them! 

The small is approximately 5” wide and 8” long. The large is approximately 7” wide and 10” long.

So if you’re having trouble with them, put up a faux one and enjoy your outside hornet free! 

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Large $26
  • Small $18

You will need to safely remove any current real nest before you put up your fake one. ;)